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Below is a list of ratings that Sycophant Hex uses on all of its archives.

SH has created its own ratings system because of concern about using other methods of rating that are owned by other organizations.

We put in ( ) the rating equivalent according to MPAA standards. The ratings are not exactly equal, so be sure to read the details of the ratings for complete descriptions.

(G) C - Conservative - something that shouldn't offend anyone's grandma.

(PG) S - Suggestive - uses moderate language, suggests violence or adult situations, but doesn't describe them.

(PG-13) B - Brazen - uses strong language, includes moderate violence or mature sexual themes, but no graphic violence or graphic sexual descriptions.

(R) W - Wanton - descriptions of graphic violence or graphic sexual descriptions.

(NC-17) L - Lascivious - explicit, lewd or deviant sexual descriptions.

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